The Wallet & Card App now has a universal referral code for the Platinum Referral Reward program that allows users to easily invite friends to sign up for the App. 

The code, generated in the App, is permanent and unique only to the user, who can use it to share on social media or messaging apps (via code or link). 

How it works:

  • Gift Icon for Rewards: From the Wallet App home screen, users tap on the “gift” icon at the top right corner of the App home screen to see the referral code.
  • Copy and Share: Choose “Copy Referral Code” to share on their preferred channel or platform or send a direct invitation by tapping on the ‘share’ icon button.
  • Friends Download App and Register: Friends who receive the code can proceed to download the App and key in the referral code upon confirming their email.
  • Three Days to Enter Referral Code: New users that have registered in the App have 3 days to key in the friend’s referral code (Settings) .

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