With Crypto Invest, you can start investing with as little as $20. To begin, select the investment portfolio that best suits your risk profile (low, medium or high risk) and deposit the required BTC amount (represented in US dollar value). 

Once done, you will receive an email notification that your deposit request has been received. Please keep in mind, that it may take up to 2 hours before your deposit is reflected in Crypto Invest. The maximum amount you can deposit is $50,000. 

After we have received your deposit, the BTC will be exchanged into other coins and tokens, depending on the investment portfolio/your risk profile. You can see the breakdown of top 5 cryptos in the app (Holdings section under the graph). Don’t be alarmed, if the percentages don’t add up to an even 100% - if it’s less than that, it means that there are other, smaller holdings in your portfolio, that didn’t make it to the top 5; if it’s more than that, it means that we are mitigating risk by hedging your investment. We are working on a better way to display this. 

You can track the performance of your portfolio on the graph at the top of the screen, which also shows you performance breakdown (All time, one day, one week and one month). The history of your deposits and withdrawals is located at the bottom of the screen. 

Deposits and Withdrawals

To add or withdraw funds, please use the “+” and “-” buttons located on the opposite sides of your portfolio’s Total Balance. The minimum deposit or withdrawal amounts are $20, and the maximum is set to $50,000. 

To make a Crypto Invest deposit, you will need to have some Bitcoin in your BTC wallet. If you don’t, you can add BTC by exchanging your other cryptos, making a direct deposit to your BTC wallet, purchasing BTC with a credit/debit card or making a Bank Transfer (where available). You can choose to deposit a dollar amount or a BTC amount, but your deposit will always show in USD. 

If you wish to make a Crypto Invest withdrawal, tap the “-” button and choose the percentage of your investment that you would like to collect. You can select one of the preset amounts (25%, 50%, 75% or 100%), or choose a percentage of your own (tap the 10% that you see by default and type the desired percentage you want to withdraw). The USD amount that you see below, is an estimation of the USD value of your withdrawal - there may be a discrepancy in the final amount due to fluctuations when we complete the trade. Once the withdrawal is completed, the withdrawn BTC amount will be credited to your BTC wallet. 

Please keep in mind that it may take up to around 2 hours for your deposit or withdrawal requests to be reflected in the app (note, that you can only make a new withdrawal request only after the previous one is completed). If it takes significantly longer than that, you may contact our support to find out if there’s any issue, but please refrain from repeating your deposit or withdrawal in the meantime. You can always find us by emailing us at [email protected] or by using the live chat (Contact Support tab in Settings).

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