The development of the Chain also includes the creation of the Chain Token (CRO) — that will enable cross-asset intermediary currency settlement. To recognise the community’s central role in our development, we’re announcing a CRO token airdrop to all eligible MCO token holders in our wallet.

Here is Kris, our CEO speaking about the CRO Airdrop

Eligibility criteria:

  • Wallet App approved users except citizens or residents of Hong Kong SAR, People’s Republic of China, Switzerland or United States of America (together the “Restricted Areas”)

Airdrop allocation: Every month, 166,666,666 CRO will be awarded to Wallet App MCO token holders based on their MCO token ownership relative to the MCO token Total Supply. 

For example, for every 1000 MCO tokens held on the Wallet App at Airdrop snapshot date, you will be awarded 5276 CRO tokens.

Airdrop distribution & transferability: 

The CRO Airdrop snapshot takes place on the first day of every month (started Dec 2018), at 8:00am UTC.

Your monthly airdrop allocation will be distributed in the first week after an airdrop snapshot; and will be locked for a period of 12 months.

After 12 months, your airdrop allocation will be released into your Wallet App based on the following rules (updated):

CRO Airdrop Infographic - In order to help further explain the rules of the monthly airdrops and results in a number of scenarios, please find this Infographic (Click and open in a new tab to see full size).

MCO tokens held by will not be eligible for the CRO airdrop. All unallocated CRO airdrop tokens will be used for Community development activities. 

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