Thank you for your kind support in our Platinum Referral Rewards Program! With our community’s suggestions in mind, we’ve designed a simpler BG50 Referral Program to make it easier and even more rewarding to share with friends.

Platinum Referral Reward Program Deprecation

As a referrer:

In view of your continuous support, will continue the referral commission (% net fees on referral transactions) for all your previous referrals prior to the launch of the Refer & Get Rewards Program as long as you continue your MCO staking - 

For new and future referrals (effective 15 July at 08:00 am UTC), you will get $50 USD in MCO when your referrals stake at least 50 MCO (MCO Visa Card Reservation) in lieu of referral commission.

Note: Your referral link/code remains the same in the new program

As a referred friend with locked sign-up bonus from the Platinum Referral Rewards Program:

Referees whose sign-up bonuses are due following the 90-day locking period under the previous program will receive their bonuses (without the need to stake MCO). The bonuses will be credited directly to their MCO Wallet on the month the bonus is due to unlock:

  • Bonuses due to be unlocked in August and September will be credited during the middle of each respective month.
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