The Crypto Invest Fee structure follows the high-water mark principle: we charge success-based fees only when your portfolio is performing better than its peak performance.

If your Cumulative P&L (the total value of your portfolio, net of daily fees, transaction costs and all your deposits and withdrawals) at present day exceeds the amount of your portfolio’s highest cumulative P&L, we will collect a 9% fee applied on the difference between your portfolio cumulative P&L at present day and your portfolio highest cumulative P&L since you started your portfolio.

How Much Fees?
(CPnL [T] - CPnL[ATH])*9% 

Formula explanation: 

Net Asset Value at present day
CPnL [T]
Cumulative PnL at present day
Highest Cumulative PnL achieved

When Fees?
Fee if CPnL [T] > CPnL[ATH]

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