Trading fees paid in CRO will earn rebates, with CRO Staked.

How to enable CRO to pay for trading fees

  1. Navigate to your Profile (upper right-hand corner).
  2. Select Stake & Earn
  3. Turn on the option to pay with CRO*

*Trading fees are automatically deducted from the CRO balance in your Exchange wallet, if this is enabled and there is sufficient CRO; otherwise, fees will be settled in the receiving currency.

If I’ve enabled the CRO to pay for my fees, but I have insufficient CRO in my account, what happens?

In this case, CRO will not be used to partially pay for fees.  

The trading fee will be charged in the currency you receive (i.e. if you are selling in a CRO/USDT market, you are receiving USDT; if you are buying in a CRO/USDT market, you are receiving CRO).

What are the fees for trading CRO itself?

When it comes to trading CRO, the fees will be determined by your trading tier; in order to receive a rebate, you must stake a minimum of 5,000 CRO.

For more information on trading fees, please visit Fees on the Exchange.

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