How is my final eligible CRO Airdrop amount determined?

On the 1st day of each calendar month (from December 2019 to June 2020), the final amount of CRO Airdrop eligible to be unlocked will be determined based on the monthly MCO snapshot at the time of the airdrop and your minimum MCO wallet balance in the 12 months following the airdrop date.

If the latter amount is lower than the former, there will be a deduction in the amount of CRO airdrop unlocked for that month.

For more details on the CRO Airdrop calculation rules, please refer to
CRO Airdrop Initial Distribution FAQ.

Where is my CRO Airdrop unlocked?

Unlocked CRO Airdrop will be deposited into your Exchange Wallet. Please sign up for Exchange for free to receive the CRO Airdrop unlocked.

Why do I see a smaller available CRO balance in my exchange wallet compared with my total eligible CRO airdrop for this month?

The eligible CRO airdrop amount for each month will be distributed evenly on each calendar day.

For example, in a month with 30 calendar days, if you are eligible to receive a total of 300 CRO for the entire month, then from the 1st to 30th you would receive 10 CRO unlocked each day. On the last day of the month, you would have received 300 CRO in total.

What if I'm in a jurisdiction where Exchange is not yet available?

Users who have previously received CRO airdrop(s) yet do not have access to Exchange (due to jurisdiction restriction) will have their CRO Airdrop released to their CRO wallet in the App on a monthly basis.

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