As of June 18 2020, new Exchange users will be eligible for 0% trading fees for 90 days (maker and taker fees). Incentive is scalable with our current trading tiers - the more you trade, the more you save!

Who is eligible?

Retail users who have met both of the following criteria are eligible for 0% trading fees for 90 days.

  • registered a Exchange account from June 18 (00:00:00 UTC) onwards, and
  • have passed KYC verification as an “Advanced” user

The 0% trading fees will be applied within 30 minutes of satisfying the above criteria.

The 90 day countdown begins from the date you registered your Exchange account, via connection as a App user or new sign up.

To learn more about upgrading your Exchange account, visit Account Verification Upgrade for more details.

How do I know I have 0% trading fees applied?

You can see the 0% trading fees have been applied by viewing your Dashboard or your Stake & Earn page.

More information on trading fees and trading tiers can be found here: Fees on the Exchange.

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