Will my active card be affected?

No. All existing cards remain operational for both top-up and spend.

Can I upgrade my existing card?

Yes, you need to contact us to increase the stake, and you will be able to take advantage of the higher tier benefits. Your physical card will not be replaced immediately though.

Can I still apply for a new card?

The application process is active, you can go through the steps and apply for a card, but your card will not be issued until the service is restored.

How long will it take to restore card issuing in the region?

We will temporarily pause issuing Crypto.com Visa Cards in Singapore until we complete the switch over to a new vendor. We will continue providing timely updates on the new vendor switch over.

What if my card is issued already but not shipped?

If your card has already been issued, you will receive it. The temporary pause applies for cards requested after 14/07/2020 where the card status is still “Pending”.

What if I have requested a card upgrade and paid the fee, but the card has not been issued yet?

Issuance is temporarily paused. Your card will be issued once we switch to the new provider. If you want to cancel your card upgrade given the circumstances, please contact us.

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