Pay only proceeds with a payment if the customer sent the exact amount of CRO within the certain timeframe. This means in other cases, treats these as unresolved payments, meaning your payment would not be “succeeded” and your balance will not increase. However, you don’t have to worry about them because will handle the return of these funds back to the customer.

The unresolved payment types are:

  • Underpaid - when the customer sent less CRO than requested
  • Late - when the customer sent the CRO after the session time
  • Multiple - when a new transaction has arrived after the payment had already be processed
  • Wrong Currency - when the customer sent a coin other than CRO

Please note that there is a scenario called “Overpaid” - which happens when the customer sent more CRO than requested. In this case, then the overpaid amount will be returned back to the customer.

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