As a new DeFi protocol, DeFi Swap was designed to be the best place to swap and farm DeFi coins at the best available rate, leveraging proven and audited protocols, while offering an outstanding incentive program powered by CRO.

Liquidity Providers (LPs) are generously incentivized for contributing to liquidity pools with Triple Yield through:

  • Swap-fee Sharing for LPs;

  • CRO DeFi Yield for LPs and CRO stakers;

  • Bonus LP Yield for LPs of selected pools.

There are 5 main functions in the protocol:

  • Swap: Users can swap between any two supported tokens upon paying a 0.3% swap fee

  • Pool: Each liquidity pool consists of reserves of two ERC-20 tokens, and issues an ERC-20 pool token as proof of proportional ownership of the underlying reserves

  • Boost: LPs can increase, claim and view their CRO DeFi Yield and Bonus LP Yield

  • APY: Users can estimate their CRO DeFi Yield

  • Analytics: Users can view the overall and per token/pair data of the CRO DeFi Swap protocol, including liquidity, trading volume, etc.

    Users can access our protocol with the following methods:

  • At launch, users can access the protocol and its analytics via a dedicated web app and can be connected with any wallet supported by WalletConnect (coming soon on DeFi Wallet).

  • In the future, we will also support native integration within our DeFi Wallet and analytics access through API

The protocol is implemented in a system of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. It is open-source software licensed under the GPL.

View our Whitepaper to find out more about the Incentive Program, Security, and our Ecosystem.

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