To start swapping or earning DeFi yield, connect your decentralized wallet to DeFi Swap:

  1. Select [Connect to a wallet] from the navigation bar

  2. Choose your preferred wallet, Metamask or WalletConnect-enabled mobile wallets (including DeFi Wallet with app version 1.1.1 or above)

  3. Click [WalletConnect] to see the QR code

  4. Launch your mobile wallet QR code scanner and scan the QR code

  5. Authorize the connection in your mobile wallet

You should see your wallet connected to DeFi Swap, your ETH address and balance will also be displayed in the navigation bar.

View here for the step-by-step of connecting DeFi Wallet to DeFi Swap.

What is WalletConnect?

WalletConnect is an open protocol that lets you connect desktop DApps to mobile wallets using end-to-end encryption by scanning a QR code.

To establish the connection between the NCW app and the DApp on your laptop or desktop, WalletConnect works similarly to scanning a QR code to log in to the WhatsApp web.

A supported DApp will allow you to access your wallet address by scanning a QR code with your mobile wallet. Once scanned, the mobile app will ask you to confirm that you want to share your wallet address with the DApp.

Once this is confirmed, the DApp won’t actually be able to send any transactions from the address that was just connected on its own.

You must make an additional, manual confirmation for each transaction that’s made on the DApp interface from your mobile device. This way, the private key is always securely stored on your device, and you have full control of which transactions get broadcast to the network.

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