As a liquidity provider, apart from the swap-fee sharing, you can easily boost and yield CRO by staking CRO. It’s up to your preference to decide how much CRO to stake and choose from a staking period of 1-4 years.

For your convenience, you can go to the APY calculator to forecast your boosted CRO DeFi Yield.

To start boosting your CRO DeFi Yield:

  1. Go to [Boost] tab
  2. Click [Stake and earn now]
  3. Enter your stake amount
  4. Choose your stake period
  5. Click [Approve CRO]
  6. See the “Approve Allowance” screen on your connected wallet and tap [Approve]
  7. Once the approve transaction is confirmed on-chain, click [Confirm Stake]
  8. See the “Confirm Transaction” screen on your connected wallet and tap [Confirm]

You will then see the transaction is submitted and you can follow the confirmation status by clicking [View on Etherscan].

After the transaction is confirmed, you will then see the “Total Staked CRO” updated with your staking term. Now just sit back and wait for your CRO DeFi Yield to be accrued daily and harvest after the vesting period.

Can I adjust or update my CRO staking term period or amount?

Your staking term is controlled by the smart contract, as such unstaking can only happen after your chosen staking term has ended.

You are able to stake more than once, however, your CRO DeFi Yield multiplier is based on each individual staking term + stake amount. Your CRO DeFi Yield multiplier is not calculated based on the sum of your individual CRO stakes.

  • E.g. To achieve a 12.0x multiplier, you must stake 1,000,000 CRO for a 4-year term. Staking twice, once with a 4-year term of 100,000 CRO and a second stake of 900,000 CRO for 4-years won’t generate a 12.0x multiplier. You will get a 6.0x multiplier for the first stake and an 8.0x multiplier for the second.
  • View here to learn more about the volume weighted-average calculation of your aggregate CRO DeFi Yield multiplier if you have more than 1 CRO staking term
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