Trading Fees will use the existing Spot Trading schedule. Please refer to the trading fees and tiers schedule listed here.

Liquidation Fee will be charged on the orders needed to liquidate a position. Fee is a flat 0.16% taker rate, but it may be subject to change. Fees will be charged in the trade’s native Virtual Asset.

No other fees are currently payable for the Margin Trading Facility, but this may change. Please check these FAQs before accessing the Margin Trading Facility or entering into any related transaction for the latest fees and interest rates.

Virtual Assets and Maximum Borrowing Limit

Current Interest Rates

Supported trading pairs


How do we calculate your Margin Score?

In this section we provide information about how we calculate your Virtual Assets for the purpose of calculating your Margin Score. It is provided as a reference only. retains the discretion to calculate your Virtual Assets. It may also change this methodology.

All Virtual Asset values are calculated every 5 seconds with a composite index price, which includes price data from the following exchanges:

Based on the price data from these exchanges, we determine the composite index price and use this to value your Virtual Assets.

As a fallback, these actions will be used to determine a fair, weighted price:

  • If a constituent exchange is unresponsive, the most recent available price is used
  • If a constituent exchange’s price is unresponsive for 15 minutes, the constituent is removed from the index until it is operational
  • If a constituent price differs from the median constituent price for that index by 5% or more, it is excluded from the index calculation. The constituent returns to the index when its price differs from the median by less than 5%

In rare cases, we will not use this methodology to value your Virtual Assets. This will only occur where we are aware of certain events which mean that the value of the Virtual Asset is different from the price listed on the exchange.

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