The changes described below will affect all GBP deposits made from Revolut accounts:

  • Before September 18, 2020 - app users had the option to make a GBP deposit from their Revolut accounts to their app wallets;
  • After September 18, 2020 - all GBP deposits from Revolut will be reversed back to the sender.

Please do not initiate GBP deposits from your Revolut account to your app wallet.

Should you want to send a GBP transfer to top up your app wallet, please use either of the two possible options below:

  • Transfer funds using an alternative bank account via the FPS Network. More info here;
  • Use your Revolut EUR account to send a SEPA deposit to app. Note: the deposit will be credited to your EUR wallet instead.

We appreciate your understanding and we will keep this page updated for any changes to the above.

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