We have integrated a built-in swap function powered by the DeFi Swap protocol within the Crypto.com DeFi Wallet app, providing an easy and handy UI to allow you to swap ETH/ERC20 tokens - without the fuss of connecting the wallet to the protocol via WalletConnect to access the swap function.

To start swapping within the app, with app version 1.3.0 or above -

  1. Go to [Swap] tab from your bottom navigation bar

  2. Accept the DeFi Swap protocol terms and acknowledge that you’re not a resident/citizen of any geo-restricted regions of the protocol

  3. Choose the FROM/TO token swap pair to see the estimated exchange price

  4. Enter either the FROM/TO token amount for the swap and tap [Continue]

  5. Review the swap amount, exchange price, minimum received/maximum sold amount and estimated network fee

  6. Tap [Confirm swap] and authorize the transaction with your passcode and 2FA code (if enabled)

  7. Wait for the swap to be confirmed on-chain

How are swap prices determined?

Please refer to this FAQ for more details.

What does the minimum received or maximum sold amount mean?

The swap output is estimated, you will receive at least the minimum received (if you specified the FROM amount) or maximum sold amount (if you specified the TO amount) or the transaction will revert if there is a large, unfavourable price movement before it is confirmed.

Why did my swap transaction fail?

Occasionally, your swap transaction might fail due to “Insufficient Output Amount” Error. Your input tokens will be reverted but network fee (gas) will be spent. This is likely due to a sudden hike in swap volume for the corresponding token pairs.

Are the DeFi Swap’s Boost and Pool functions also built within the DeFi Wallet app?

No, only the Swap function is built within the app at the moment. If you’re a liquidity provider and is interested to add liquidity to the DeFi Swap Protocol via the [Pool] function and stake CRO to increase your DeFi yields via the [Boost] function, please visit www.crypto.com/defi/swap via desktop or mobile web and connect your DeFi Wallet to the protocol via WalletConnect to access the 2 functions.

View here for the step-by-step instructions.

Will I be able to customize the transaction settings for the swap function within DeFi Wallet?

No, there is no customization of transaction settings for the built-in swap function at the moment. The swap function follows the default settings values before the pending swap is reverted (gas fees incurred) -

  • Slippage tolerance: 0.5% (minimum received amount variation)

  • Transaction deadline: 60 minutes waiting time

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