How to borrow Virtual Assets?

To borrow Virtual Assets using your Margin Wallet, you must have Virtual Assets in your Margin Wallet which will be used as Collateral for your loan. The Collateral you transfer will also be available to trade with.

The maximum leverage available is 3x.

  1. Log into your account and click on Wallets → Margin.

2. To borrow your desired Virtual Assets, click Borrow/Repay. Select the type of Virtual Assets that you wish to borrow from the list again.

3. Input the amount you want to borrow.

4. Review the details before borrowing. Details include:

a. what your credit limit is (how much you can borrow);

b. the interest rate for the term of the loan; and

c. any relevant terms you must abide by when undertaking margin trading activity.

Interest will accrue hourly as soon as Virtual Assets are borrowed and it will continue to accrue every hour until repaid. See Daily Interest Rates for further details.

If there is no outstanding loan, you can do leverage up to 3X/5X/10X directly in a single loan - taking out a loan in the maximum eligible amount. Once there is an outstanding loan(s), the maximum borrowing amount will become less.

You can find a schedule of the latest interest rates that we charge for each type of Virtual Asset here. You may also enjoy discounts to the interest rate charged based on the amount of CRO that you have staked on the Exchange. You may learn more about CRO staking and its benefits here.

NOTE: Interest accrued will always be in the same type of Virtual Asset as the Virtual Assets borrowed.

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