To repay any outstanding debt on your Margin Wallet, the same type of Virtual Assets must be available in your Margin Wallet to repay the Virtual Assets borrowed and interest accrued.

  1. Log into your account and click on Wallets → Margin.

2. To repay, click Borrow/Repay. Select the type of Virtual Asset you wish to repay from the list again.

3. Review the details of repaying back your borrowed Virtual Assets and interest accrued. The Available Balance shown is the balance in your Margin wallet.

NOTE: You can now make partial repayments to your debt. If you want to make a repayment to a specific Virtual Asset you have borrowed, you must repay the debt in the same type of Virtual Asset. The repayments will be pro-rata (outstanding loan principal and interest) and can only be made in the borrowed crypto asset.

Loan Principal Repayment

= (Outstanding Loan Principal ÷ Outstanding Balance) × (Repayment)

Interest Repayment

= (Outstanding Interest ÷ Outstanding Balance) × (Repayment)

You must repay before the Margin Facility Term Limit. Otherwise, we may take a range of steps including force selling your Virtual Assets. Further details are set out in Margin Trading Term Limit.

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