Am I affected by this service provider change?

You will be affected by this change if you:

  • Have an existing GBP Wallet
  • Have an existing EUR Wallet, and the institution name is ‘The Currency Cloud’ (See deposit information)

Other fiat wallets—including USD, AUD, SGD, and EUR Wallets with the institution name ‘Transactive Systems UAB’ are not impacted.

How will this impact the existing EUR/GBP Wallets?

EUR Wallet

Please note that you must use the updated bank deposit information, which will be available in the App on 27 December at 03:00 UTC, for all future deposits, or the transfer may be rejected. Rest assured that your funds will remain safe during this transition.

GBP Wallet

UK & EEA Users

We are in the process of securing a new service provider for our GBP Wallet. We will notify you once we have finalised the integration in the coming weeks.

Existing GBP Wallet users are advised to withdraw their GBP funds to their bank accounts or purchase crypto with their GBP funds. Remaining funds in their GBP Wallet will be converted to TGBP on 27 December 2020, 03:00 UTC.

Non-UK or non-EEA Users

We no longer can provide GBP Wallet services to users who reside outside of the UK and European Economic Area (EEA) due to the policies of our new service provider. You are advised to take the following action before 27 December 2020, 03:00 UTC:

  1. Withdraw your GBP funds to your bank account, and/or
  2. Purchase crypto with your GBP funds

Remaining funds in your GBP Wallet will be automatically converted to TGBP on 27 December 2020, 03:00 UTC.

How do I obtain a new EUR Wallet?

Your funds will be automatically transferred to our new service provider.

What should I know about my new EUR Wallet?

For deposits

You will be assigned with new bank deposit information after obtaining a new EUR Wallet after 27 December 2020, 03:00 UTC.

To view your new bank deposit information:

  1. On the homepage, go to Transfer > Deposit > Fiat
  2. Select the corresponding fiat wallet (EUR)
  3. You will see a new BIC code and IBAN

Please use the new deposit information for future deposits, or your transfers will be rejected.

For withdrawals

Your approved bank account(s) will be migrated to our new service provider. This means you will be able to withdraw funds from your new EUR Wallet right away. Users without a successful deposit previously will need to initiate a deposit to the new EUR wallet as a prerequisite to enable withdrawals.

Will the change affect my Crypto Wallet?

Your Crypto Wallet will not be affected, and you can continue to buy and sell crypto without disruption.

Will this change affect my Visa Card?

Your Visa Card will not be affected, and you can continue to spend your fiat funds without disruption.

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