Sale Amount & Subscription Price:

  • Total NEAR Supply: $250,000 USD worth of NEAR

  • Discount rate: 50%

How can I participate in the NEAR listing event on The Syndicate?

To participate in the NEAR listing event, you need to:

  1. Successfully sign up as a Exchange user (for a step-by-step guide, click here).

  2. Stake CRO on the Exchange account (for a step-by-step guide, click here).

  3. Trade the minimum volume required at your CRO staked level on the Exchange in the past 30 days.

  4. Use CRO to subscribe for NEAR at a 50% discount during the subscription period.

  5. Accept your allocation after 7 days on 27 January 2021 06:00:00 UTC.

  6. Not be a citizen and resident of the United States, China, or Hong Kong.


  • The past 30-day trading volume calculated on 19 Jan 2021 06:00:00 UTC will be used to determine your eligibility. The cutoff time for trades to be included is 18 Jan 2021 at 06:00:00 UTC.

  • Trading volume is calculated daily and can take up to 1 hour to calculate at most. To avoid any delays, we advise you to satisfy the trading requirement well in advance of the subscription timelines.

  • If your trading volume does not meet the requirement for the event start time, you can still continue to trade throughout the day. The trading volume between 19 Jan 2021 00:00:00 UTC and 23:59:00 UTC will calculate again the next day at 20 Jan 2021 00:50:00 UTC, and if you meet the volume and CRO staking requirements you can still subscribe before the event ends.

How do I stake CRO on Exchange and what are the benefits of staking?

Staking CRO on the Exchange will give you the following benefits:

  • If you have staked at least 5,000 CRO, become eligible to participate in the Syndicate’s listing event

  • CRO rebate when you pay trading fees with CRO

  • 10% p.a. interest paid daily

What is the minimum amount of CRO I need to stake in order to participate in the NEAR listing event?

In order to enjoy the 50% discount on NEAR, you must stake and trade. The amount of CRO you have staked and the volume traded will determine the maximum amount of CRO you can use to subscribe. You must meet the trading requirement at your CRO staked level to subscribe:

For example, if you staked 100,000 CRO and traded $5,000 USD in the past 30 days, you cannot contribute. You must trade at least $10,000 USD more in order to contribute a maximum of 72,000 CRO.

  • Exchange users will be able to subscribe for NEAR by contributing an amount of CRO tokens not exceeding their respective maximum allocation.

  • Staked CRO tokens may not be used to subscribe for NEAR in this event.

When can I participate in the NEAR listing event?

Please refer to the special event timeline below:

To participate in the NEAR listing event during the subscription period, place your subscription order by visiting

How do I find out how much I get allocated?

At the end of the Subscription Period, we will determine your final allocation of NEAR according to the terms set out above. This information can be seen on the Syndicate details page on the Exchange or from the email notification 7 days after the event ends.

How do I receive my allocation?

Seven days after the event ends, the final allocation will be confirmed. You will have the option to accept it on The Syndicate details page after you log in.

The un-used CRO will also be refunded to your balance in the Exchange after you have indicated your acceptance/rejection of the final allocation.

You will forfeit your final allocation if you do not take action within 24 hours following the start of the Acceptance Period.

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