Everything regarding the types of transactions we support and instructions on how to edit a transaction

1. What transactions are supported?

Currently, Crypto.com Tax supports the following transaction types. Some types have second-level categories that are also listed below.

1. Buy/Sell/Trade - exchange one currency with another (both crypto or fiat currencies)

2. Send - send cryptocurrency to others

  • Payment - send cryptocurrency for goods or services
  • Gift - send cryptocurrency as a gift
  • Donation - send cryptocurrency to the charities

3. Receive - receive cryptocurrency from others

  • Gift - receive cryptocurrency from someone other than yourself
  • Fork - receive cryptocurrency after a blockchain split
  • Airdrop - receive cryptocurrency due to airdrop
  • Mining - receive cryptocurrency from mining
  • Payment - get cryptocurrency as salary
  • Reward - receive cryptocurrency as rewards (e.g. staking/earn rewards, referral bonus, etc.)

4. Transfer - moving cryptocurrency between your own accounts

Note that Crypto.com Tax does support send/receive/trade/transfer in purely fiat currency as this information is not required for calculating your taxes.

2. How do I edit an existing transaction?

As API requirements or the CSV format from each wallet/exchange is prone to change, there will be cases that transactions are not imported as expected. If you spot an error that doesn’t match your transaction record, please click the ... on the right side of the problematic transaction, and click Edit to edit the transaction detail.

However, if you spot an error in tax calculation, please contact us via the chat button or send us an email at [email protected], and our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

3. How do I manually add a new transaction?

To add a new transaction, you can do it through the following 2 ways.

Add from the wallets/exchanges overview page

Step 1: Go to the Wallets & Exchanges tab and locate the wallet/exchange where you want to add the transaction

Step 2: Click Action, and then click Add Manual Transaction

Step 3: You’ll be taken to the page where you can add the transaction

Add from the transaction overview page

Step 1: Go to the Transactions tab

Step 2: Click Add Transaction +

Step 3: You’ll be taken to the page where you can add the transaction

4. How do I add/edit my API Key and Secret to an existing exchange?

For the exchanges that support API sync, you have the option to add or edit the API to an existing account that has been created on Crypto.com Tax.

Please follow the steps below

Step 1: Go to the Wallets & Exchange overview page

Step 2: Select the exchange account you’d like to add/edit your API info

Step 3: Click Action and choose Manage API

Step 4: Input the API key and API Secret, then click Save

Step 5: Now your Sync button should be white, which means you’ve enabled the function of API sync. Click the Sync button to import the transactions.

5. Where can I enable and disable the API sync?

Step 1: Go to the Wallets & Exchange overview page

Step 2: Select the exchange account you’d like to disable/enable the API sync

Step 3: Click Action and choose Enable/Disable Sync. This function is only available when the current exchange supports API sync and you have imported the API key and API Secret.

Step 4: If you choose Enable Sync, make sure you click Sync to kick off your API sync process.

Note that the already imported transactions will still remain in Crypto.com Tax. Disabling the API sync just stops the functionality going forward.

6. How is the market price determined for cryptocurrencies?

We use CoinGecko’s price API to determine the token price for every supported cryptocurrency. The rate we use for each day is the rate given at 00:00 am UTC of that particular day. If for some reason the rate is not available, we’ll assume the cost basis is 0 and display an error message.

7. What is the foreign exchange rate used for transactions if transactions are not in my base currency?

For rates after January 1st 2020, we refer to the internal live exchange rate API prepared by our internal data team. For all data prior to 2020, we use the data from currencylayer API. If you find any rate that is very off from your understanding, please contact us via the chat button, or report the bug at [email protected].

8. What if I don’t find the currency price/foreign exchange rate correct?

If the rate is totally different from your understanding, please report the bug via the chat button, or contact us at [email protected]. If you actually make the transaction on a date where the rate fluctuated wildly, you might find our price/rate inaccurate. In that case, you can use the Set Net Worth function to customize the price/rate for your crypto/fiat currency. You can access that function by clicking the ... menu and then Edit on the right side of a transaction.

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