What are the benefits of the campaign?

  • Crypto.com Visa Card: Up to 12% back on spending at selected merchants

  • Crypto.com Pay: 2x Pay Rewards for Gift Card purchases in the Grocery category

  • Lucky Draw: 100 new cardholders will win a total of SGD 5,000 in CRO

What is the campaign period?

Start Date: Wednesday, 21 July 2021 at 14:00 SGT

End Date: Thursday, 30 September 2021 at 23:59 SGT

How does the 12% back work?

From 21 July to 30 September 2021, Crypto.com Visa Card users in Singapore with an active CRO Stake will earn 12% back on spending at select merchants. The rebate is capped at SGD 50 for each calendar month during the promotional period.

For example, if you hold a metal Crypto.com Visa Card, then you’ll get 12% back in CRO when you shop with Grab, Dairy Farm, and many more brands. Once you’ve received SGD 50 in rebates for that month, your rewards will revert back to the standard rate for your card tier.

Cardholders who don’t stake CRO will earn 3% back, and their rebate is capped at SGD20 per month for the same merchants.


  • The SGD 50 and SGD 20 rebates are the equivalent of USD 37.39 and USD 14.96, respectively, where the exchange rate is determined solely by Crypto.com.

  • When a customer spends SGD, our system will convert SGD to USD and calculate the respective percentage rebate in USD, as well as the corresponding CRO rebate. The CRO/USD rate is determined solely by Crypto.com.

Why do some users only get 3% back instead of 12%?

Customers who stake CRO with their Crypto.com Visa Card enjoy more benefits. This campaign is one such example.

What is the maximum rebate for this promotion?

Customers with an active CRO Stake can earn a maximum rebate of SGD 50 in July, August, and September (SGD 150 in total)when they shop with select merchants during the promotion period. Standard rates for each card tier will apply after the cap is reached.

Cardholders without an active CRO Stake can earn up to SGD 20 in July, August, and September, or a total of SGD 60.

When will I get my rebate?

Your CRO Rewards are credited after each transaction until the maximum rebate cap of that calendar month is reached.

What happens if I unstake or restake during the campaign?

If you unstake during the campaign period, your spending at the applicable merchants will only earn 3% back, up to the SGD 20 monthly cap. Should you restake, your next transaction with the qualifying merchants will earn you 12% back, up to the SGD 50 monthly cap.

What are the applicable merchants?


Merchant Name3

Food delivery

Food Panda, GrabFood


ComfortDelgro, Grab, SimplyGo (MRT & Bus)


Cold Storage, Giant, NTUC Fairprice, Sheng Shiong

The groceries merchants would include both online and in-store spending.

How do I earn 2x Pay Rewards?

From 21 July to 30 September 2021, Singapore customers who use Crypto.com Pay to purchase Gift Cards in the Grocery category will enjoy double the rewards. Users with an active CRO Stake will receive an additional 5% back, on top of the existing 5% back, and users without an active CRO Stake will receive 2.5% back.

Grocery Gift Cards

2X Pay Rewards*

7- Eleven, Cold Storage, Dairy Farm Group, Fairprice Online, Giant, Grab Mart

Up to 10%^

*With CRO staked

How does the lucky draw work?

Singapore users who reserve a metal Crypto.com Visa Card (with CRO Stake) between 21 July to 30 September are eligible to join the lucky draw. To enter, users must post a picture of their Card and what they bought with it on social media, tag Crypto.com (@cryptocom on Twitter or @cryptocomofficial on Instagram), and include the hashtag #cryptocomSGCard. Please make sure your personal information is not visible in the photo.

Crypto.com will pick the 100 winners with the most creative posts. The SGD 50 of CRO will be credited into the winners’ Crypto.com App CRO Wallet within 21 days after the Campaign End Date.

I am a new Midnight Blue cardholder. Am I eligible for the lucky draw?

Unfortunately, users must reserve a Ruby Steel Crypto.com Visa Card, or a higher card tier, during the campaign period to be eligible to join the lucky draw. But you can easily take part by upgrading your card tier during the promotional period.

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