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How do I withdraw my funds?

For regulatory reasons, you can only withdraw to bank accounts that you have used to deposit funds. Please follow the steps below to initiate a withdrawal request in the Crypto.com App:

  1. Tap Transfer > Withdraw > Crypto > Bank Account

  2. Input the withdrawal amount and select the bank account you are withdrawing funds to

  3. Review the submission process and withdrawal limits, and tap Withdraw Now

We will notify you once the withdrawal is processed. Please note that it takes an average of 2 - 5 business days for processed funds to be reflected in your bank account.

In order to see which regions are eligible to use this service, please refer to this article.

What is the withdrawal limit?

Maximum Daily Limit

USD 500,000 per day

Maximum Monthly Limit

USD 2,000,000 per month

Minimum Withdrawal Amount

USD 500 per transaction

Is there a withdrawal fee?

Yes. A 25 USDC non-refundable fee will be applied to every withdrawal.

Note: Please be aware that intermediary bank fees can occur.

What happens when the withdrawal is rejected by SWIFT?

The withdrawal amount will be returned to your USDC Wallet in the event that your withdrawal request is rejected by SWIFT. Please note that SWIFT charges a non-refundable fee of 25 USDC to process each withdrawal, whether it is successful or not.

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