(U.S. Institutions) How to Make a Deposit

Set up your fiat wallet:

  1. Step 1: Click Wallets in the left navigation panel and select Deposit in the USD wallet

  2. Step 2: Select Deposit USD under the Fiat option

  3. Step 3: Read and accept the Terms and Conditions

Link and verify your bank account:

  1. Step 1: On the Wallet page, click Deposit in the USD row under the Fiat Currencies section

  2. Step 2: Select SEN or FEDWIRE bank account to link

  3. Step 3: Fill in your bank account information and click Submit

  4. Step 4: Verify your SEN or FEDWIRE account

    1. How do I verify my SEN bank account?

      1. Silvergate will reach out to you to confirm that you are linking your SEN bank account to the Crypto.com Exchange

      2. Once you make this confirmation, your account will be verified

    2. How do I verify my FEDWIRE bank account?

      1. Make one deposit with your FEDWIRE bank account

      2. Once this initial deposit is successful, your account will be verified.

Deposit information

  1. How do I deposit USD from my bank account to my Fiat Wallet on the Exchange?

    1. After you have set up a verified SEN or FEDWIRE bank account, go to the Spot Wallet page

    2. Click Deposit in the USD row under the Fiat Currencies section

    3. Select the bank account that you would like to make a deposit from

    4. Make a bank transfer from the account shown in the deposit information pop-up window

  2. Is there a fee to deposit fiat to the Exchange?

    1. Crypto.com does not charge fees for USD deposits via FEDWIRE or SEN, but your bank may apply a processing fee. Please reach out to your banking institution for more information regarding this fee.

  3. Are there any deposit limits for fiat?
    Yes. The deposit limits are shown below:

    1. Minimum: US$500

    2. Maximum: Unlimited

  4. A US$30 administration fee will be applied to every return of an erroneous USD deposit

  5. How long do deposits take to process?

    1. SEN – Up to 24 hours

    2. FEDWIRE – 1 to 3 days, depending on the bank

(U.S. Institutions) How to Make a Withdrawal

Withdrawal Information

  1. How do I withdraw USD to my bank account?

    1. Have a verified FEDWIRE or SEN account linked to the Exchange

    2. Select a verified bank account from that you wish to withdraw your funds to

    3. Enter a withdrawal amount, review the transaction details, and click Confirm to Withdraw

  2. Is there a withdrawal fee? No, Crypto.com does not charge institutional clients a withdrawal fee.

  3. How long does it take to make a withdrawal?

    1. SEN – Up to 24 hours

    2. FEDWIRE – 2 to 4 days, depending on the bank

  4. What are the withdrawal limits?

    1. Total withdrawal limit: US$10,000,000

      1. SEN

        1. Minimum: US$500

        2. Daily maximum: US$10,000,000

      2. FEDWIRE

        1. Minimum: US$500

        2. Daily maximum: US$1,000,000

General Questions and Tips

  1. Which bank network is my institution eligible to make transfers to and from?

Bank Network

U.S. Institutions

Non-U.S. Institutions




  1. How many bank accounts can I link to my Exchange Fiat Wallet?

    1. A maximum of 5 bank accounts can be linked to your Exchange account

    2. You will have to delete one if you have reached your limit and would like to add a new bank account

    3. Pending accounts count toward your maximum account limit. However, rejected accounts do not.

    5. How can I delete a bank account?

    1. Go to Bank Transfer via the left navigation panel to see your list of Verified, Pending, and/or Rejected bank accounts. You will see a Delete option next to the bank account. Click it to unlink the bank account from the Exchange.

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