How does Auto Top-Up work?

The Auto Top-Up feature allows cardholders to automatically top up their Visa Card from their crypto wallet.

Cardholders can set the top-up amount of each Auto Top-Up and the card balance threshold at which the Auto Top-Up should be triggered. The minimum top-up amount is US$20 / AU$20 / R$20 for the US, Australia, and Brazil Visa Cards respectively.

Once the instructions are set up, the specified top-up amount will be automatically added to your Card from your specified crypto wallet when its balance falls below the specified threshold after a purchase, withdrawal, or transfer. You can update or disable the feature at any time.

How to set up my Auto Top-Up instructions in the App?

Step 1:

Select ‘Auto Top-Up’ at ‘Card Settings’

Step 2:

Set the top-up amount and minimum balance

Step 3:

Select one crypto as top-up source

Step 4:

Confirm and complete auto top-up instructions

What cryptocurrencies can I select for Auto Top-Up?

You can choose any cryptocurrency that is available for manual Top-Ups or Auto Top-Up. For the list of cryptocurrencies, please refer to the below “How to Top Up my Visa Card” FAQs for your region.

Are there any limits?

The daily Auto Top-Up limits for U.S, Australia, and Brazil users are US$500, AU$500, and R$2,000, respectively (refresh daily at 23:59:59 UTC).

You can always add additional funds to your Visa Card manually, but please note that existing Card limits (i.e., max balance, load frequency) apply. Click here for more details.

Is Auto Top-Up available in my country?

Currently, this feature is only available to cardholders with a United States, Australia, or Brazil-issued card. We are working to launch it in more jurisdictions - please stay tuned.

Why did my card not top up automatically after setting up Auto Top-Up?

First, check if there are sufficient funds in your crypto wallet or if your Visa Card is frozen.

Once there are sufficient funds in your crypto wallet or once you unfreeze your Card, your Auto Top-Up feature will automatically fund your Card the next time its balance reaches the specified threshold amount after a purchase, withdrawal, or transfer.

If the problem persists, please contact Customer Support via the in-app chat.

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