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Warrants Trading Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”)
Warrants Trading Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”)
General Information about Warrant Contract Trading
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Warrant Contracts (“Warrants”) are derivative products that enable Users to purchase the right to Buy or Sell an underlying asset (such as BTC or ETH) at a pre-agreed price (Strike Price) on a specific date (Expiry Date). Call Warrants to give the purchaser the right to Buy, whereas Put Warrants give the purchaser the right to Sell.

Warrants are purchased in USD. On the Expiry Date, any pay-off presented by the Warrant following the terms of the contract is “cash settled” with USD.

Warrants are issued by and/or its affiliates. Each Warrant listed on Exchange has a fixed Strike Price and Expiry Date. The Warrant itself has a purchase price that varies over time. Before the Expiry Date, users with existing Warrant positions can partially or fully sell (close) their Warrant position on the exchange.

Users cannot purchase Warrants on margin for leverage. User’s Warrant positions will not be used as collateral to support other opened leveraged positions (i.e. Perpetuals and Futures).

About these FAQs

These FAQs provide details on how purchasers can conduct trading activities with Warrants. Warrant trading is subject to:

  • the Exchange Terms and Conditions published by;

  • the Addendum - Derivatives Trading Terms and Conditions (“Addendum”) – except those clauses concerning Initial Margin, Maintenance Margin, and Margin Balance; and

  • these FAQs.

The terms used in these FAQs are consistent with those found in the Exchange Terms and Conditions and Addendum. Please read these documents before trading Warrants. In particular, please refer to the “Risk Disclosure Statement” (clause 5) of the Addendum for the key risks associated with Derivative Products (including trading in Warrants).

These FAQs are not prepared with your particular financial needs or situation in mind. If you are in any doubt about trading Warrants, before trading Warrants, please seek professional advice and ensure that the product is suitable for your financial situation, investment experience, and investment objectives. You should not rely solely on the information provided by us when making financial decisions.

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