How can I withdraw funds back to my bank account?

  1. Go to your Fiat Wallet from the Super App Menu and tap Transfer > Withdraw > Fiat

  2. From your ARS balance, tap Withdraw ARS

  3. Review the withdrawal process and tap Withdraw Now

  4. Input the withdrawal amount and select the bank account you are withdrawing funds to

  5. Review and confirm the withdrawal request

  6. We will notify you once the withdrawal is processed

Which bank account(s) can I withdraw my funds to?

You are only permitted to withdraw to bank accounts that you have used to deposit funds into the App.

Does charge any fees for processing withdrawals? charges a 1.99% processing fee for withdrawals. Additional charges may be imposed by your bank for receiving the funds. Please check with your banking institution.

Are there any withdrawal limits?


Processing Timeframe

24 hours

Minimum Amount

ARS 2,500

Maximum Amount Per Transaction

ARS 600,000

Maximum Amount - Daily

ARS 2,000,000 or 5 times per day

Maximum Amount - Monthly

ARS 30,000,000 or 30 times per month

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