What is the USD Bundle?

USD Bundle is a bundled asset that comprises the U.S. Dollar and stablecoins. The list of stablecoins is currently:

  1. BUSD

  2. TUSD

  3. USDC

All assets within the USD Bundle can be freely deposited or withdrawn anytime at a 1:1 ratio with no conversion fees or spreads incurred. The USD Bundle will be displayed throughout the Crypto.com Exchange’s user interface as USD. For example, the Bitcoin/USD Bundle trading pair will be denominated as BTC/USD.

How will my deposits be reflected in the USD Bundle?

When you deposit U.S. dollars or any USD Bundle stablecoins into the Crypto.com Exchange, you will see a consolidated balance in your account. If you have any existing U.S. dollars or stablecoin balances, they will be consolidated into the USD Bundle asset and displayed as a single amount. All assets in your USD Bundle balance will be shown as per the screenshot below:

How do withdrawals from my USD Bundle balance work?

All USD Bundle assets can be freely withdrawn at a 1:1 ratio to the U.S. Dollar with no conversion fees or spreads incurred.

Can I trade with the USD Bundle?

Trading with the USD Bundle is performed via the USD Bundle-denominated trading pair, referred to as /USD.

However, please note that all BUSD, TUSD, and USDC-denominated trading pairs will be removed from the Exchange, and the following Spot pairs will be removed:




USDT/USD will be added to the Exchange

Are any other Crypto.com Exchange functions or features impacted by the USD Bundle?

Every feature and function involving BUSD, TUSD, USDC, and USD will be updated after the USD Bundle is introduced to the Exchange. These include the following key areas:

Deposit and Withdrawal Records

  • All transfer records will remain intact

  • You will be able to see your deposits and withdrawals at the currency level

Stablecoin Conversions

  • The 1:1 stablecoin conversion feature will be removed. Stablecoin conversions will no longer be required after the introduction of the USD Bundle.

  • The following stablecoins – BUSD, TUSD, and USDC will be added to the USD Bundle

Trading Bots

  • All trading bots with USDC trading pairs will be replaced with the USD Bundle equivalent

  • Filled orders in the past with USDC pairs will be referred to as ‘USD’ in the Trade History menu

OTC Trading

  • All OTC USDC trading pairs will be replaced with their USD Bundle equivalent. For example, ETH/USDC will now be ETH/USD.

Existing LTV Loans

  • All USDC loan principal amounts will be converted to the USD Bundle and the interest will be settled in the USD Bundle

  • All users’ loan histories will remain intact

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