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Additional KYC Information Needed for European Card users
Additional KYC Information Needed for European Card users

Everything users need to know about submitting additional verification information in order to continue using their Visa Card

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What information must I submit?

You need to submit the following information in order to top-up your Visa Card:

  • Expected annual transaction volume

  • Annual income bracket

  • Employment status/ occupation

When must I submit my information?

You need to submit your information before topping up your Visa Card.

Why do I have to submit my information? Visa Card users in Europe must submit the required information to benefit from full access of our card top-up service in compliance with European Directive (EU) 2018/843.

How do I submit my information?

You will see a pop-up notification in the App requesting you to submit your information when you try to top-up your Visa Card. Tap Submit Now and follow the on-screen instructions. You can enjoy full access to your Card after submitting the required information.

If I have already submitted my information, do I need to do so again?

No, you only need to submit the required information once.

What happens if I do not submit my information right away?

You have the option to dismiss the window by selecting I’ll do it later, but you will not be able to top-up your Card until the required information is submitted.

If I have a virtual Midnight Blue card and need to top-up when requesting a physical card, what should I do?

You will not be able to request a physical card immediately by tapping Get Now. Instead, go to the Card tab, select Top Up, and submit the Additional Information Required to top up your card. After topping up, you can request a physical card.

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