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Apple and Samsung Products - Metal Visa Card Application or Upgrade - Limited Offer Campaign
Apple and Samsung Products - Metal Visa Card Application or Upgrade - Limited Offer Campaign

Information on the Visa Card Limited Offer Campaign for Apple and Samsung Products.

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We’re extending our Visa Card welcome promotion! Now, you stand to receive free Apple or Samsung gear. Until 9 July 2024, every App user who applies for or upgrades their Visa Card and meets the CRO Net Buy requirement will receive an Apple or Samsung Store reimbursement in CRO for their favourite products.

Watch the video here.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the eligibility criteria for this campaign?

There are three steps a user needs to follow during the campaign period to be eligible:

  1. Apply for or upgrade to a metal-tier Visa Card;

  2. Satisfy CRO Net Buy >= 100% of the CRO lock-up requirement in the App;

  3. Spend at any official Apple Store or Samsung Experience Store, physical or online, with the new card within 30 days after issuance.

Please refer to this customer FAQ article on how to apply for your first Visa Card.

I applied for the card during the previous campaign period. Can I get reimbursement on Samsung products?

No, the three campaign periods will be reviewed and assessed as individual events.

  • CRO reimbursement for the first promotional period (7 March 2024 10:30 UTC - 2 April 2024 10:30 UTC) applies to Apple products only.

  • CRO reimbursement for the previous promotional period (2 April 2024 10:31 UTC - 28 Apr 2024 10:30 UTC) applies to either Apple or Samsung products only.

  • CRO reimbursement for the current promotional period (13 June 2024 10:00 UTC - 9 July 2024 10:00 UTC) applies to either Apple or Samsung products only.

Which are the eligible markets for this campaign?

The offer is open only to persons who are residents of Australia, Brazil, Canada, EEA, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, US (excl. US territories and the state of New York).

What is the CRO Net Buy requirement?

CRO Net Buy refers to the net volume of CRO purchased during the campaign period in USD equivalent. It is calculated by:

CRO Net Buy = CRO Buy - CRO Sell - CRO Withdrawals


  • CRO Buy Volume: Refers to the USD volume of CRO bought in the Main App by any method below:

    • Debit/Credit Card Purchase

    • From Fiat Wallet

    • From Crypto Wallet (e.g. ETH to CRO conversion)

    • Apple/Google Pay

  • CRO Sell: Refers to the USD volume of CRO sold in the Main App or Exchange

  • CRO Withdrawals: Refers to the USD volume of CRO withdrawn from Main App or Exchange, pay and send transactions are also counted as withdrawals

  • The exchange rate of USD: CRO is calculated at the moment of the transaction

As an illustrative example: Tom decides to apply for a Jade/Indigo card in the US, his first Visa Card. Tom has $0 worth of CRO in his wallet. To be eligible, Tom could perform the following steps

  1. Tom buys $4000 worth of CRO in the App;

  2. Tom applies for a Jade/Indigo Card in the App by locking up $4,000 worth of CRO;

  3. After applying for the card, Tom’s CRO-related metrics are:

    1. CRO Buy Volume: $4,000 (from his Card application)

    2. CRO Sell: $0 (assuming no sell transactions on the Main App or Exchange)

    3. CRO Withdrawal: $0 (assuming no withdrawals from the Main App or Exchange)

  4. The CRO Net Buy of Tom is $4,000; which is equal to the Indigo/Jade lock-up requirement. Tom qualifies for receiving reimbursement for his next purchase at an official Apple store with his new Jade/Indigo card (assuming no other CRO Sell or Withdrawal transactions throughout the campaign period).

  5. Tom receives the reimbursement for his eligible purchase at the Apple Store within 3 months after the campaign ends.

  6. Note that if Tom had $1,000 worth of CRO in his Main App wallet before the campaign and buys $3,000 additional worth of CRO to apply for the Jade/Indigo Card, Tom would not be eligible for the campaign because his CRO Buy Volume would only be $3,000 (below the Jade/Indigo card CRO lock-up requirement of $4,000). Tom would still need to buy an additional $1,000 of CRO to qualify.

Are there any caps on the CRO reimbursement amount?

Yes. The CRO reimbursement amount is capped as follows for each card tier per eligible user:

  • Ruby Steel: Up to $40 worth of CRO

  • Jade Green or Royal Indigo: Up to $800 worth of CRO

  • Icy White or Rose Gold: Up to $5,000 worth of CRO

  • Obsidian: Up to $20,000 worth of CRO

When will I get my reimbursement amount?

You will receive your reimbursement in CRO in your App Crypto Wallet within three months after the Promotion Period.

Can I buy any Apple/Samsung product? Can I buy multiple products?

  • Yes, you can buy one or multiple Apple/Samsung products (all Apple/Samsung products are eligible), but note only the FIRST transaction at the Apple/Samsung store will be eligible for reimbursement. Multiple products must be billed together as part of the first transaction.

    • For exceptions to this rule please refer to the next section

  • You MUST buy from an official Apple/Samsung store (physical or online) within 30 days of card issuance.

  • Transactions at Authorised Apple/Samsung resellers, Electronic stores and telco partners are NOT eligible.

  • Examples:

    • An eligible Ruby Steel cardholder buys AirPods (2nd generation) worth US$129. They will be reimbursed US$40 worth of CRO.

    • An eligible Icy White cardholder buys more than $5,000 of Samsung products (Samsung 85’’ 8K NEO QLED TV, Galaxy Book 4 Ultra and Galaxy S24 Ultra) in a single transaction. They will be reimbursed US$5,000 worth of CRO

Does only the FIRST transaction at the Apple/Samsung store qualifies for reimbursement?

  • Yes, only the first transaction at an Apple/Samsung store qualifies for reimbursement.

    • Please note in some cases, Apple/Samsung may divide the total purchase amount into multiple transactions due to system limitations. In that case, will reimburse for multiple transactions coming from the same ORDER (order ID must be the same). In this case, please make sure to keep the initial invoice with you for verification.

  • The other exception is for Singapore cardholders (with Singapore residential addresses), whose maximum card balance is SGD5,000. In this case, multiple transactions will qualify for reimbursement for Icy White/ Rose Gold/ Obsidian cards up to the reimbursement cap per tier.

Can I buy Apple/Samsung products without a physical card?

Yes - in addition to POS transactions with a physical card, you could:

  1. Buy Apple products online using your virtual card, or

  2. Add your virtual card to Apple Pay/Google Pay (availability varies depending on geography) and transact at an official Apple physical or online store.

How can I buy CRO in the app?

You can buy CRO in the App by any method mentioned below:

  1. Debit/Credit card purchase.

  2. From fiat wallet.

  3. From crypto wallet (e.g. ETH to CRO conversion).

  4. Apple / Google Pay.

For more information, please check out this customer FAQ article series about purchasing crypto in the App. Please note that CRO purchases on the Exchange are not counted in this campaign.

I'm an existing Visa Cardholder. Am I eligible?

Yes, existing Visa Card holders are eligible if they choose to:

(a) Upgrade the card to a higher tier than any card they have held before, and

(b) Lock up CRO at a higher tier than what they have locked up before.

Please note that the same requirement on CRO Net Buy volume applies.

What if I trade-in an Apple/Samsung Product e.g. iPhone/Galaxy S24 and receive a credit back from Apple/Samsung?

In this case, you will receive reimbursements only on the net dollar amount paid to Apple.


  1. An eligible Jade Green card holder purchases an iPhone 15 Pro for $1,088 but trades in their current iPhone 13 for $500 in credits back by Apple

  2. This user will only be reimbursed back $588 worth of CRO (equiv. to the net amount paid to Apple).

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