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What is DCA Auto-Staking?

The DCA Trading Bot now allows Crypto.com Exchange users to automatically stake their newly purchased tokens. As a result, you can earn rewards through on-chain Staking even more efficiently.

Am I eligible to Auto-Stake my tokens?

Users who are not in this list of jurisdictions and all sanctioned nations are able to participate in on-chain Staking. The list also displays tokens that are eligible for on-chain Staking.

How do I enable Auto-Staking?

Auto-Staking is available for both the Auto and Manual methods when you create your DCA Bot. After defining all of the trading bot’s parameters, you will see the Enable Auto-Stake option for eligible on-chain Staking tokens.

Can I opt-in or opt-out of Auto-Stake?

Yes, you can. Here’s how you can toggle it on or off in just five steps:

  1. On your Dashboard, navigate to My Bots

  2. Select a DCA Bot that is currently Active

  3. Tap Action > Edit Bot

  4. Toggle on/off under Auto Stake

  5. Confirm the change

Please note that this change will take effect only from your next transaction onwards.

How do I check if I’ve opted into Auto-Stake?

  1. On your Dashboard, navigate to My Bots

  2. Click on a DCA Bot that is currently Active

  3. If Auto-Stake is enabled, you will see it in the third column under AUTO-STAKE, as illustrated below

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