The card queue shows how many people have reserved the MCO Card before you did, and how many other did so afterwards. There is only one, global queue, showing registrations of all MCO Card applicants and does not include all MCO Wallet App users (there are those who are currently using the app to buy, sell or send crypto, but chose not to complete the card reservation just yet). 

How come my place in the queue doesn’t change?

The card queue is static and does not get shorter as we ship the cards to our Customers. 

Can I move up the waiting line? 

No, currently it’s not possible to do it. 

I’m higher up the queue than my friend; how come he got his card before I did?

There could be a number of reasons for it, for example: it is possible, that his proof of address was submitted or verified before yours was. On the other hand, in order to optimize the cards’ production, they are being personalized (i.e. have your name and card number engraved/printed on them) in batches, based on the card tier and color - for example, today’s batch may include only Royal Indigo, while Ruby still will go into production two or three days later. We are working closely with our partners to assure smooth manufacturing process of all card batches. 

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