MCO Platinum cards are offered exclusively to MCO token holders. All Platinum cards are metal, beautifully crafted and offer perfect interbank exchange rates. Cardholders earn cryptocurrency (MCO) cashback every time they spend (up to 2%). Platinum cards offer higher monthly limits for free ATM withdrawals, saving users a ton of money.

Banks usually charge their most valuable customers hundreds of dollars per year for metal cards. MCO is offering them to MCO token holders for free - there are no monthly or annual fees. The only commitment our users have to make is to purchase MCO tokens and hold them for 6 months

The MCO token can be purchased directly in the Wallet App, using your credit card (bank transfer option is in progress). The MCO token can also be purchased on exchanges, such as Binance or Bittrex, (click here for the full list of exchanges). The most common trading pairs on these exchanges are MCO/BTC, MCO/ETH, MCO/BNB and MCO/KRW. 

After you have purchased your MCO tokens, you can either keep them on the exchange, or transfer to another exchange or wallet (fees may apply – please research fees tables on the respective exchanges). The most commonly used wallets are MyEtherWallet, Jaxx, imToken, Metamask and Ledger Nano S. All wallets vary in terms of convenience, ease of use and security, so a thorough research is advised before choosing one or more of them. 

When the cards are ready to ship, users will be prompted to update the app and make the required MCO deposit to an address specified in the app. Cards will be shipped once the deposit is completed, and the MCO will remain locked up safely for six months. After the 6 months’ period, users will be able transfer their MCO tokens back to their MCO account to to sell it or keep it, or continue to lockup to enjoy additional features, or continue to use their card fee-free, no strings attached. 

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