Currently the app does not support deposits from Smart Contracts and any such transfers will not be credited automatically. If you would like to make an ETH/MCO/CRO/ENJ/BNB/BAT/LTC deposit to the app from an exchange or a wallet service, please check with the exchange or wallet service support whether they are handling ETH and ERC20 tokens (including MCO, CRO, ENJ, BNB, BAT and LTC) withdrawals via externally owned accounts or contract accounts. Please note, that all Ethereum multi-signature wallets are (smart) contract accounts.

To check whether the address you’re sending your ETH from is a Smart Contract address, please visit and paste your address in the search field. If your address is a contract address then it will read Contract in header:

 If your address is not a contract, then it will read Address in the header:

If you are still uncertain about whether or not it is safe to transfer the ETH/MCO/CRO/ENJ/BNB/BAT/LTC from your address, please contact your wallet’s or your exchange’s support staff, prior to proceeding with the transfer. 

To stay on the safe side, you may first transfer your ETH/MCO/CRO/ENJ/BNB/BAT/LTC to your own wallet (e.g. Trezor or Ledger hardware wallets without multi-signature, MetaMask without multi-signature, etc.), and then proceed with the deposit to your app address. 

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