What is PSD2 - Open Banking?

The second Payment Services Directive (“PSD2”) - Open Banking is a revised European directive allowing you to share your Crypto.com VISA EU card account details to regulated third-party providers in a safe and secure manner. 

You as the account holder must give your explicit approval prior to any sharing of account information. Ultimately, Crypto.com is supportive of this initiative to give you control back of your own data!

How can Third Party Providers (“TPPs”) connect with us?

Crypto.com is partnering with Salt Edge Limited to provide and support a dedicated interface for any TPPs to connect with us. All the onboarding and complete integration documentation can be found on Salt Edge’s Developer portal via this link.

What information can I share as an account holder?

Right now this service is only available for the Crypto.com VISA EU card account. This means that you can give approval to share your card balance and transaction history to a TPP of your choice. 

How can I revoke my approval?

Please let your TPP know that you wish to revoke the consent provided to them to have access to your Crypto.com VISA EU card account details. Once you have revoked the consent, they will no longer be able to retrieve your account details from us.

Past availability and performance

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