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Will the card upgrade fee be waived if I upgrade my card tier?

Card upgrades have worked normally during the short period of time when the EU & UK cards were suspended. There are no changes in the card upgrade process and fees.

What will happen to my card in the event that switches over to a new card issuer?

In the event of a change of card issuer, we will ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible for all EU & UK cardholders.

My card status is currently “Issued”. Will I still receive my card?

Card issuing in the EU & UK has resumed and all issued cards will be shipped in due course.

My card status is currently “Pending”. Will I still receive my card?

All “Pending” cards will be issued following the established procedures.

I upgraded to a higher tier card while my original card was already issued. Which card will I receive?

All cardholders who have opted for an upgrade will receive their new upgraded card. If you have requested an upgrade while your card status was “Issued” you may receive the previous card tier first, depending on whether we were able to stop the fulfillment of the first request.

I paid my Netflix/Spotify subscription fee with another card during the Visa Card outage. Will I receive compensation for this one-time charge on a different card?

Netflix/ Spotify subscription rebates are linked to your Visa card. If the payment was made with a different card you will not receive a rebate for them.

How can I top-up my card with the previously refunded card balance if it’s below the minimum?

Eligible top-up amounts are indicated for each top-up option. You need to ensure that the top-up amount you are sending is within the minimum amount displayed on the top-up screen.

What will happen if I unstake my Cardholder CRO Stake or unlock my CRO Lockup when my card status is either ‘Pending’, ‘Issued’, or ‘Shipped’?

If you unstake your Cardholder CRO Stake or unlock your CRO Lockup before your card is issued, you will not be able to receive a metal card. We will downgrade the requested card to the lowest tier that does not require a stake or lockup, i.e., Midnight Blue.

Note that by unstaking CRO, you will be subjected to a 36-day unbonding period, which is imposed by the underlying protocol. During and after the unbonding period, you will be unable to enjoy Cardholder CRO Stake rewards or benefits that come with Cardholder CRO Stake, but will continue to enjoy non-staking Visa Card benefits (e.g., spending rewards of up to 2% for Icy White / Frosted Rose Gold / Obsidian tiers), Airport Lounge Access, fee-free ATM withdrawal limits, and interbank exchange rates). Find out more about Cardholder CRO Staking here.

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