What’s the difference for [Send] on Crypto.com DeFi Wallet VS Crypto.com App?

Every transaction on Crypto.com DeFi Wallet is on-chain and you are the one and only custodian of your funds, unlike Crypto.com App where certain transactions are off-chain and transferred internally within Crypto.com like “Pay Your Friends”.

How to send my first on-chain transaction?

1. Tap [Send] from home screen

2. Select the coin that you want to send

3. Copy and paste/scan the recipient address and destination tag/memo, if applicable

4. Enter the send amount


  • If it’s your first on-chain transaction, try sending a small testing amount first
  • The actual sent amount = (send amount you entered - network fee)
  • There is a minimum balance required for XRP/XLM so you will not be able to send all of your available balance. You'll need at least 20 XRP/1 XLM before you are able to start sending your XRP/XLM.

5. Review the amount, address and confirmation speed, adjust the confirmation speed according to your preferred fee and confirmation time, if available.

6. Tap [Confirm to send]

7. See send request submitted and transaction is pending with the transaction details

8. You may view the transaction on the explorer by tapping [View Status on explorer]

9. Refresh your wallet by pulling down the Home Screen to sync the latest transaction status

Why can't I see or select a particular coin from the list to send?

You will only see coins with balance > 0 on the list.

For ERC-20 tokens with balance > 0 but are disabled from selection, this is due to insufficient ETH balance (ETH = 0).

Please note that you need to pay your network fee in ETH when sending ERC-20 tokens. Add some ETH first before sending ERC-20 tokens.

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