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All About: Anti-Phishing on Exchange
All About: Anti-Phishing on Exchange

Information about Anti-Phishing code

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Enabling an Anti-Phishing code is recommended to help identify whether emails are legitimately from Exchange.

What if I’ve already set an anti-phishing code on my App which is connected to my Exchange Account?

  • Your Exchange emails will automatically include the same anti-phishing code.

  • If you change your anti-phishing code on either platform it will be reflected on both the App and Exchange.

Which emails will include my anti-phishing code?

Once it is enabled in your Exchange’s security settings, all emails from the App and Exchange will include the code.

Where can the Anti-Phishing code be enabled?

  1. Visit and select the Login button (upper right-hand corner).

  2. Go to your Dashboard and select Security. Under the Anti-Phishing, you will see the button to Create Code

  3. A screen will appear and provide you with more details. Below are steps to help you set up an Anti-Phishing Code.

Setup Anti-Phishing Code

  1. Enter a unique code in the text field provided, this Anti Phishing code will appear in all emails from Exchange.

  2. Enter your 2FA code (You must have two-factor authentication enabled first)

  3. Press the blue “Confirm Anti-phishing Code” button.

You can also update/disable your Anti-phishing code on the same screen. We recommend updating your Anti-phishing code every 30 days.

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