The Exchange VIP Program rewards VIP retail clients with exclusive trading incentives and perks.

Eligibility and Exclusive Trading Fees:

VIP Tier

Monthly Trading Volume Requirements

Maker Fee

Taker Fee


> 1% of monthly exchange volume

2.0 bps

4.0 bps


> 2% of monthly exchange volume

1.0 bps

3.0 bps


> 3% of monthly exchange volume

0.0 bps

2.0 bps

Note: bps = Basis points

Additional Perks:

*After 3 consecutive months of meeting the requirements for VIP 1 level or higher

**After 3 consecutive months of meeting the requirements for VIP 3 level and with 3 VIP 1 referrals

How do I know I am qualified for the VIP Program and how do I apply?

Applications are open for our VIP Program! If you meet the monthly trading volume requirements, please email [email protected] to apply. Trading volume for the month of December 2020 will be reviewed for eligibility, and exclusive trading fees will go into effect on 5 January 2021.


  • Exclusive trading fees for the VIP Program will be applied for eligible users starting from 5 January 2021.
  • Maker and taker fee rebates will be based on the user’s CRO stake from 5 January 2021.
  • Institutional customers are not eligible for the Exchange VIP Program.
  • The Stake-to-Take Program will be retired and 4 January 2021 (from 00:00:00 UTC to 23:59:59 UTC) is the last day that trades will be counted towards this program. For more information about trading fees and discounts on the Exchange, click here.
  • Users participating in the VIP Program will not be eligible for the Maker/Taker Rebates offer.
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