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What are the interest rates for Lending?
What are the interest rates for Lending? Exchange- Lending - Interest and Repayment

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Interest rates are fixed and based on your initial loan-to-value (LTV) ratio and the amount of your CRO Lockup as of the date of the loan drawdown. You can lockup 100,000 CRO or more to unlock better interest rates for your future loans.

The interest rates for standard loans are as follows:

Initial LTV

CRO Lockup < 100K

CRO Lock up ≥ 100K

LTV = 25%

2.00% APR

1.00% APR

LTV = 33%

6.00% APR

4.00% APR

LTV = 50%

8.00% APR

6.00% APR

Important Note: The above shows simple interest rates, which means the interest charges only apply to the loan's principal amount, and are not compounded on earlier interest charges.

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