General information about Exchange Lending Lending allows you to borrow against your crypto assets (known as ‘Virtual Assets’) without selling them. You can deposit them as Collateral and take out crypto loans to fulfill your financial needs, use them for Margin Trading on the Exchange, or hedge on other exchange platforms.

How does Lending differ from Crypto Credit? Lending is offered on the Exchange, while Crypto Credit is available in the App.

It also provides more flexible metrics, catering to the needs of institutional users. Lending users can take up multiple active loans at one time, subject to loan terms.

Common Terms on Exchange?




The amount of immediately available crypto assets maintained, or required to be maintained in Lending for loan drawdown.


The primary crypto wallet for your Exchange account (a.k.a. Account), which you can use to receive loans, deposit Collateral and make loan repayments.

Loan-to-Value (LTV)

LTV is the ratio of your loan to the value of your Collateral. When you borrow a loan, we calculate your loan amount or required Collateral based on the following formula:

LTV = (Loan Amount) ÷ (Market Value of Collateral)

When a loan becomes active, we monitor your loan's LTV based on the following formula:

LTV = (Market Value of Outstanding Balance) ÷ (Market Value of Collateral)

See "What is Loan-to-Value (LTV)?" for further details.

Lending Term Limit

The maximum amount of time we can provide you with credit under a loan.

See "How long are the loan terms for Lending?" for further details.

Maximum Borrowing Limit

The maximum amount of credit that Lending can provide, is a general ceiling of your outstanding loans in aggregate under Lending. The Maximum Borrowing Limit may be subject to change at the discretion of

See "Is there a maximum borrowing limit?" for further details.

Margin Call

A Margin Call will be triggered when your loan's LTV reaches or exceeds the prescribed threshold, and you will receive email notifications regarding loan repayment.

See "What happens if my loan is on Margin Call?" for further details.

Forced Liquidation

When your loan's LTV reaches or exceeds the prescribed threshold set by for a Forced Liquidation, we will liquidate the entire corresponding Collateral to make full repayment of your loan. After the Forced Liquidation, all remaining liquidation proceeds will be deposited into your Exchange Wallet. Please note that a Liquidation Fee will be applied.

See "What triggers Forced Liquidation?" for further details.


The cost of borrowing a crypto loan.

See "How is interest calculated?" for further details.

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