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What Happens If My Loan Is On Margin Call?
What Happens If My Loan Is On Margin Call?

More information on how to adjust your loan-to-value ratio (LTV)

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When your loan is on Margin Call, a daily email notification will be sent to remind you to pay down your loan until it is no longer on Margin Call. You can make partial repayments to improve your LTV.

Note: The figures in the above screenshot are for illustrative purposes only.

Kindly note that additional Collateral deposits (in order to improve your LTV) are not supported at this time. To avoid Forced Liquidation, please make repayments to adjust your LTV to a healthy level.

  1. Log In to your Exchange account

  2. Go to Dashboard > Lending > Loans

  3. Tap Repay Now to make repayment to your outstanding loan

You can learn more about how repayment works here.

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