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What Triggers Forced Liquidation?
What Triggers Forced Liquidation?

Information about Lending, Margin Call and Forced Liquidation

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When a loan expires or a loan’s LTV has reached the threshold for Forced Liquidation, your entire Collateral will be liquidated to make full repayment. The remaining liquidation proceeds will be returned to your Exchange Wallet.

Kindly note that a Liquidation Fee will be charged on the orders needed to liquidate your Collateral. The fee will be charged at a flat 0.5% taker rate and may be subject to change.

To avoid Forced Liquidation, pay your loan on time or make partial repayments to adjust your LTV to a healthy level:

  1. Log In to your Exchange account

  2. Go to Dashboard > Lending > Loans

  3. Tap Repay Now to make repayment to your outstanding loan

You can learn more about how repayment works here.

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