Perpetual Contract trading is available for eligible Advanced Users.

In order to conduct Perpetual Contract trading, you must apply for this Service and be granted a Derivatives Wallet. To start trading with your Derivatives Wallet, you need to first transfer from your Spot Wallet to your Derivatives Wallet.

1. To enable Perpetual Contract Trading and your Derivatives Wallet on the Exchange, log into your account and click on Wallets → Derivatives Wallet in the second navigation bar. Continue with the prompts and accept the Addendum – Perpetual Contract Trading Terms and Conditions.

2. After that, your Derivatives Wallet and application to use the Perpetual Contract trading service will be considered and if accepted, will be approved.

3. Click Transfer. Available Virtual Assets to transfer will be shown in the dialog. USDC will be the only Virtual Asset part of the USD Stable Coin basket that can be used as Collateral for now. More stable coin Virtual Assets may be added in the future.

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