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How do I activate my Visa Card? (EU/UK)
How do I activate my Visa Card? (EU/UK) Visa Card Activation (EU/UK)

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Once EU/UK users receive his/her physical Visa card via mail, the following steps should be completed for card activation:

Note: Virtual card does not require activation. Please refer here for more information on the virtual card.

  1. Go to the Card Tab in the App and tap the Card Icon on the top right corner.

  2. Tap ‘Activate Physical Card’.

  3. Complete the identity verification.

  4. Physical Card will be activated after the successful identity verification.

Note: Once the physical card is activated in the App, the CVV and expiry date on your virtual card will sync and match the information on the physical card. If you have saved your virtual card details before at shopping platforms, please remember to update them.

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