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Information about the Price Protection Rules and Index Compositions

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The index price is used as the main underlying virtual asset reference price for various derivatives contracts.


The index price is then calculated as the average (i.e. equally weighted) of the Market Price of its constituents.

  • Market Price = median of last traded price, best bid, best offer. If any of these price data (i.e. last traded price, best bid, best offer) is not updated for 1 minute, the data will be excluded from the calculation. If all of the 3 price data points are excluded, then the Market Price will be invalid. If all the index constituents are invalid, the last calculated index price will be used.

  • If an index constituent’s Market Price differs from the median of all constituents' by 0.1% or more, it will be limited to 0.1% divergence from median when it is used in the index calculation.

Index Compositions*

  • If the constituent does not trade against USD directly, it is converted to USD using USDTUSD index.

*The index constituent exchange composition, the corresponding weights, as well as the calculation methodologies, are subject to change at’s discretion.

Please refer to this document for the full list of Index Constituents.

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