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This article sets out the Perpetual Contract Product Specifications that apply to the specific KSMUSD Perpetual Contract. You should read this in conjunction with these FAQs and the Addendum.

KSMUSD Perpetual Contract is settled in USDC. In addition, USDC can be used for deposits and withdrawals. Crypto.com may permit other stablecoin Virtual Assets to settle the KSMUSD Perpetual Contract in the future.



Contract Maturity

Not Applicable


Crypto.com KSMUSD Index

Product Type


Contract Size

1 KSM (1 USD per index point)

Min Order Qty

0.01 KSM

Max Order Qty

Subject to the exposure limit

Min Tick Size

0.001 USD

Margin Policy

Smart Cross Margin

Trading Bandwidth

Aggressive bandwidth : +/-5% of MarkPrice

Passive bandwidth : +/-50% of MarkPrice

Exposure Limit Weight


Maximum Leverage

Refer to the Margin Rule page for the latest product leverage.

Fair Impact Size


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