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Why are the tokens I want not available in the DeFi Wallet?

The DeFi Wallet only includes tokens that are checked and verified by to ensure that all their information (price, name, ticker symbol, etc.) is accurate. We update the list and add new tokens on a regular basis. You can add an unlisted token in the DeFi Wallet app by using the Import Tokens or Token Lists feature.

How can I add a token to my list of tokens?

There are 2 ways to accomplish this -

A) Follow the four steps below to manually add a token to your list:

  1. Tap Manage Tokens on the homepage.

  2. Tap Import at the top right corner.

  3. Select the right network and fill in the Token Contract Address field. The DeFi Wallet will automatically populate the token’s name, symbol, and decimals. If the DeFi Wallet is unable to populate the information mentioned above, you can input it manually.

  4. The Import Token button will be enabled once the necessary information is included. Simply tap it to finish importing your token.

B) Follow the steps to add a token via a token list

  1. Tap Manage Tokens in the homepage

  2. Enter a token symbol using the search bar at the top

  3. If the token is found from an existing token list, it will be displayed here

  4. Tap Add Token to add the token to your personal token list

What is a token list?

  1. Tap Manage Token on the homepage.

  2. Tap on the List tab

  3. Toggle a list on

  4. All the tokens in that list will be added to your personal token list

To toggle on specific tokens added to your personal list from the token list, tap the Token tab at the top and enable any token there. Alternatively, use the search bar to find the token you wish to switch on

A token list is a service provided by different protocols following the token list standard created by Uniswap. This enables third parties to create lists of tokens that can be added to any app or dApp that supports the token list standard.

How do I add a token list?

What is the blockchain for my token?

This refers to the blockchain that the token is built on, such as Ethereum or Polygon. You can find this information by going to the token’s website.

What is a token address?

Token addresses detail the location of the token contract, which manages the logic of the respective token. You can find this information by perusing the respective token’s website.

What is a token name?

Token names are what the token contract is referred to (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cronos). Please note that different tokens may have the same name and that names are not unique identifiers. You can confirm a token’s name by checking the token address.

What are token symbols?

Token symbols are an abbreviation of the token name (e.g., BTC, ETH, CRO). These are usually 3 to 4 characters in length and they are broadly equivalent to a stock ticker. Please note that different tokens can have the same symbol, and that such symbols are not unique identifiers. You can confirm the symbol by checking the token address.

What are token decimals?

Decimals refer to how divisible a token can be, from 0 (not at all divisible) to 18 (pretty much continuous) and even higher if required. Technically speaking, the decimals value is the number of digits that come after the decimal place when displaying token values on-screen. To determine the token decimals, you can look at the token's website for more information or visit the website of the blockchain of the token and search for it there.

How do I remove an imported token?

1. Tap the Settings [...] button on the token’s page

2. Tap Remove Token

3. Confirm to remove

4. You’ll receive an in-app confirmation once the token has been removed

How do I remove a token list? Tap Manage Tokens in the homepage.

  1. Tap the List tab at the top

  2. Toggle off a list

  3. The tokens in the list which are not already in the default list or added by another list will be removed from your personal token list

Will I lose my funds if I remove a token from my list?

Removing a token will only remove it from being displayed in your token list. Removal will not affect the balance in your wallet. If you want to display the token, simply import it again.

Why don't imported tokens have access to functions like Swap, Buy, and Price Information?

When users import tokens, they may not have been checked or verified by to be authentic or secure. Therefore, to better protect the interests of all our users, DeFi Wallet will not provide certain functions pertaining to such tokens.

Are imported tokens safe to trade with?

Transactions in the DeFi world are not managed by any institutions. Thus, a user’s decision to import tokens is not supervised by Any party can release new tokens with their choice of names and symbols. As such, token names and symbols are not unique identifiers, as a fake version of an existing token can be created by using the same name and symbol as an existing token. A token’s address is the only unique identifier of a token. Please check token addresses carefully in order to verify the authenticity and origin of any token you intend to import and transact with.

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