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Focus on the tokens that matter. Easily decide which coins you’d like to display in the homepage.

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What’s Manage Tokens and how does it work?

With the Manage Tokens setting, you can easily decide which coins you'd like to display in the DeFi Wallet's homepage. Access this setting by tapping "Manage Tokens" in the homepage or navigating to Settings > Manage Tokens.

When you access the Manage Tokens menu, decide which tokens you’d like to display by scrolling down the list and toggling them on or off.

How do I add a token that I've removed back to the homepage?

In the Manage Tokens menu, enter the token that you're looking for in the search bar. Once it appears, toggle it on and it'll be added back to your homepage.

Alternatively, tap Find Tokens With Balances to search for all tokens that you have balances in. You can then decide whether to toggle them on and add them to your homepage.

What’s the Find Tokens With Balances button and how does it work?

The Find Tokens With Balances button can help you to search for every token that you have a balance in. This includes tokens that you have previously toggled off but have balances in or tokens that you have recently acquired a balance in.

After tapping the button, the DeFi Wallet will begin searching. The progress bar shows you how much time is left until the search is complete.

Once this is complete, all tokens that you have balances in will be displayed. Tokens that you have balances in but are toggled off will be shown at the top of the list.

Why don't my token balances show up all the time in the Manage Tokens menu?

After tapping Find Tokens With Balances, all tokens that you have balances in along with their current amount will be displayed. This lets you decide which tokens to show in the homepage. These tokens and balances will not be displayed when you exit and re-enter the Manage Tokens menu.

If you would like to view your token balances, you can easily access them in the homepage. To view an individual token's balance, simply navigate to its page. You can view its price details and your transaction history there as well.

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