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Additional information related to the bonus card rewards for US customers

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What are bonus Card rewards?

You will receive bonus CRO rewards when you use your U.S. Visa Card at over 10,000 merchants. The bonus rewards are in addition to the existing CRO spending rewards that you earn with your Visa Card. Getting bonus Card rewards is easy—there are no coupons to clip, no codes to show the cashier, or promo codes to keep track of. Bonus rewards are powered by Dosh and are currently available to U.S. cardholders only.

How do I earn bonus Card rewards?

Earning bonus CRO is easy and automatic. Just make eligible purchases at participating merchants. You can read the offer details to make sure you qualify for bonus rewards.

You can see all the current offers curated just for you in the App by going to Card Tab (bottom right of your App screen) > Bonus Card Rewards. Online offers must be completed through the App. Open the offer and tap the ‘Shop’ button to earn rewards. You'll be redirected to the merchant's app or website, where you must complete the purchase with your Visa Card in order to earn the bonus rewards.

You can also earn bonus CRO rewards at local businesses near you. Participating businesses in your area can be found in the App. Simply pay for your purchase with your Visa Card to earn your bonus rewards.

If Push notifications are enabled on your phone, you will receive the notification shortly after your purchase if it’s eligible for bonus rewards.

If a transaction qualifies for bonus rewards, CRO will be credited to your account in an amount based on the current CRO/USD conversion rate. This will normally be completed within a week, but may take up to thirty days.

How much CRO do I earn for using an offer?

The amount of bonus rewards you can earn varies by merchant. You can check how many bonus rewards you can earn at a merchant in the offer details found in App. Remember to take note of any limits or exclusions in the offer details for each merchant.

Why are my offers different from my friend or family member’s offers?

Merchant offers may vary by user or location—this means that the offers you see may change or expire depending on a particular merchant.

I made a purchase, but I don’t see any bonus CRO credited. What should I do?

Please reach out to us via the in-app chat. If you do not receive bonus rewards for purchasing qualifying goods or services with your Visa Card or for performing other qualifying actions, please contact us within the following time frames: 30 days from the transaction date for in-store purchases and 90 days from the transaction date for online purchases. In your message, please include evidence of the purchase.

If you think you are missing bonus CRO rewards, contact us through the in-app chat for help.

Keep in mind that if your transaction is still pending, you’ll need to wait until the merchant completes it before you can receive your rewards.

How long does it take to receive my bonus CRO rewards?

If the purchase qualifies for bonus rewards, CRO will be credited to your account in an amount based on the current CRO/USD conversion rate. Transactions are normally completed within a week but can take up to 30 days depending on the merchant.

What is Dosh?

We’ve partnered with Dosh to bring you offers from brands you love. When you make a transaction with your Visa Card, Dosh checks to see if it is eligible for a reward. If the transaction is eligible for rewards, Dosh notifies us after the transaction has been completed. We will then credit the reward in CRO to your Wallet.

What information does share with Dosh? takes privacy and data security seriously. We take precautions to ensure the security of your data. We do not share personal information like your name, address, etc. We only share the data necessary to enable Dosh to provide the optimal user experience and facilitate cashback fulfilment. Dosh does not sell any of your data. Dosh only uses the data to improve user experience, provide rewards, and curate offers just for you.

For more information on the Dosh privacy policy, please view the terms of service here. You can also read the Privacy Policy

Why can’t I connect my Visa Card to the Dosh app?

Since Dosh is already connected to our rewards program you cannot link the Card again in the Dosh app. Don’t worry, you can view all the same great offers from the Dosh app directly in the App.

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